COVID-19 Update

EJ Deemed “Essential Business” during COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently EJ is running all manufacturing, sales, distribution and support services in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security has determined that our industry is an “essential business” supporting the infrastructure of our country. Our facilities produce and distribute critical products and components related to military, telecommunications, transportation, energy, water and wastewater infrastructure. Keeping these systems operating properly and safely is vitally important to everyone.

We thank our dedicated employees for their commitment to producing essential products for our nation’s infrastructure, as we supply products to every state throughout the USA and territory in Canada. We are thankful for the support from our loyal customers, and the public works departments and utility companies throughout North America for keeping our water and sewer systems running during this difficult time.

We are working diligently to follow the recommendations made by the Center for Disease Control, as well as the federal and state guidance provided to essential businesses. We have required social distancing measures, increased our already high standards of cleaning, stopped all unnecessary visitors, vendors, suppliers and customers from visiting our facilities, and adopted additional measures to limit face-to-face contact and sharing of equipment and resources. Additionally, we have many people working remotely to continue our operations.

Our focus remains the same - keeping the safety and well-being of our employees a priority during this difficult time for our nation. Given the fluidity of this pandemic, we will make adjustments where needed.

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