5000 Hinged Drainage Grate

 5000 Hinged Drainage Grate

Improve ease of access with the 5000 cast iron hinged drainage grate

The heavy duty hinged drainage grate has been designed for ergonomics and ease of access, while providing a higher level of security than a stand-alone frame and grate. The integrated EON LOCK® bolt helps limit unauthorized access and theft. One bolt (instead of four) means easier access for workers.


The optimized ergonomic design substantially reduces the weight of the heavy duty cast iron drainage grate while adding strength and durability. The hinged operation is ergonomically preferable to complete grate removal and means the operation is easy for one person. One person can open the grate with a hook and remove it. The hinged drainage grate opens to 100° and features a safety catch at 90°, where it can also be removed. 

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • 16" x 21", 110 sq. in. open area
  • Frame height 6 3/4"
  • Optimized design
  • Ductile iron frame and grate meet ASTM A 536 requirements
  • Grate opens to 100° and removes at 90°
  • EON LOCK® Bolting


  • Three and four flange frames available
  • Special Lettering
  • Grate Types: M4, M5, M6, and M7

Made in the USA

M4  standard
m5 ada style m6 restricted m7 sinusoidal
Grate Style
Number of Flanges Three or Four Three or Four Three or Four Four


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