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Composites that take no shortcuts


We're determined to keep safety our top priority. That's why we design our composite manhole frames and covers to deliver superior performance and safety for your unique infrastructure needs. Our heavy duty composite manhole covers are engineered to withstand roadway traffic, 50,000 lb proof load testing, and above industry standard fatigue testing to 2 million cycles at 16,000 lb.

We have built up over 25 years of tradecraft and know-how when it comes to producing our full line of composite products that are constructed of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic materials.


Why Choose Composite Access Solutions by EJ


Sewer, storm, and wastewater environments can be highly corrosive. By its inherent nature, composite products will remain unchanged even in the most aggressive environments. This can apply to areas with exposure to sewer, petrochemical, gasoline, diesel, de-icing solutions, and salt water.

durability and strength

Our premium composite products incorporate engineered fabric with glass fiber reinforcement that spans the entire width of the cover. This provides superior strength and product durability over other traditional methods that use short fibers. Heavy duty covers are tested to AASHTO M 306 heavy duty (H25) loading requirements for cast iron and withstand 2 million fatigue testing cycles.


For areas that are frequently accessed, the reduced weight of composite covers  improves the ease of access and increases overall worker safety.  Heavy duty composite covers weigh between 30 lbs (22" clear opening) and 82 lbs (36" clear opening). We also offer lighter weight versions for off-street medium duty applications.


Composite covers are constructed of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic materials that offer little interference with the wireless communication signals. This is typically used in applications associated with water metering automation or electrical switching for smart grid technology.
J-hooks can be installed to hang antennas from.


Composite products do not conduct electricity, which makes them a safe choice for electrical utilities and municipalities that may have stray voltage concerns. Furthermore, when the product is placed over steam manholes, heat transfer is reduced. This provides additional insulating protection to pedestrians and utility workers.


The scrap value of traditional manhole covers make them an easy target for theft. Missing manhole covers cause a real hazard for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Since composite covers have no scrap value, they are less likely to be stolen. Additional locking options are available for added security purposes.


Solutions for your Application

Our composite manhole series includes options for roadways, off-street areas, and handholes.
Learn more about each option below.

Roadway Applications


DUROSTREET® Access Assembly
Heavy Duty (H25) Loads


Off-Street Applications


DUROWALK® Access Assembly
Medium Duty Loads


Composite Handholes


DUROCOM Composite Handhole
For Underground Wiring



Additional Products

Temporary Safety Covers

composite temporary safety cover

Keep Work Zones Safe
For Open or Unattended Holes


Meter Box Frames And Covers

composite water meter assembly

Water Meter Covers
Little interference with wireless communication signals


Made in the USA

Composite products by EJ USA, Inc. are Made in the USA and meet Buy America requirements.


Learn more about Made in the USA requirements and regulations.

Cast iron or composite - Which material is right for your application?

Serving you remains our primary focus. While cast iron manhole covers are used for many applications, especially challenging environments call for a unique solution like composite access products. With a variety of product solutions and our market knowledge—we can help you choose the best material for your next project. Contact us for a one on one discussion.

For more information on composite manhole covers, including detailed test results, please refer to our White Paper "Covering all Your Options" 

How It's Made - Composite Access Solutions

Composite manhole covers and frames by EJ are highly engineered, lightweight products that deliver safety and longevity in the field. Take a look inside the manufacturing facility in Muskegon, Michigan to see how our DUROSTREET® heavy duty composite access assembly is made.

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