A larger version of the ergonomically designed ERGO® Access Assembly

The ERGO XL Access Assembly offers an advanced level of functionality and safety for 30" clear openings and above.

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomic hinged design makes it easy to lift open, reduces excess strain, and promotes safe working conditions. To further address ease of use, choose an optional stainless steel mechanical strut that reduces the lifting force of the cover. 

Our patented dual hinge design allows the cover to open to 120°, where it rests in a safe and secure position. From the 90° position, the cover can be safely removed. A thick and durable T-gasket cushions traffic shock and resists infiltration.

Standard Features

ergo XL.jpg
  • Heavy duty
  • Gasketed
  • Patented hinge assembly
  • Opens to 120°
  • Safety catch and removal at 90°
  • Ductile iron cover
  • MPIC® multi-tool pick bar


  • Airport extra heavy duty
  • Special lettered covers
  • Custom logo covers
  • Environmental messaging
  • Grates available
  • Cam lock security
  • EON LOCK® bolting
  • Water resistant*
  • Lift assist
  • Multiple frame openings and heights available

*Bolted cover, no cam lock, beaded gasket, and non-draining hinge pocket frame assembly required.

Important Safety Information
Complete removal of the cover is recommended when entering the access point.

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