MULTILEAF™ Hinged Covers


Ergonomic alternatives for large, clear openings

The MULTILEAF™ range of hinged and locked covers are suited for applications that require large, unobstructed access openings.

Triangular Design

The MULTILEAF design distributes the weight of the large access cover over 2, 3, or 4 triangular shaped, hinged covers—minimizing strain when accessing the structure while retaining strength when closed. Each cover uses a 3 point contact with the frame seat to minimize rocking of the cover and road noise.

Also designed into the MULTILEAF is the sequential overlapping cover design. Using strategically placed tabs on the covers, the first cover can secure all covers with just one lock.

Product Details

  • Wide range of clear openings, cover configurations, and load ratings
  • Medium duty to airport extra heavy duty proof load ratings
  • Open to 105° (and greater, depending on series) for complete access to the opening
  • 90° safety catch that prevents the covers from unintended closure
  • Covers remove at 90°*
  • The MULTILEAF range of hinged and locked covers are produced in France


  • Ductile iron or gray iron frames
  • Lift assist with gas spring struts to reduce effort for opening/closing
  • Security lock options
  • Fall through protection grates
  • Available with PREMARK® anti-skid coating

*May require detaching any hinge pins, lift assist, or safety bars before removing.

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