DUOSEAL® Watertight Access Assembly

DUOSEAL Watertight Access Assembly

Watertight manhole cover and frame prevents inflow and overflow

Prevent discharges, protect against inflow, and suppress odors with DUOSEAL® watertight access assembly.

The DUOSEAL access assembly is ideal for flood prone areas or to prevent unwanted fluids from overflowing due to a surcharge in the system. 

The bolted, dual-gasket design creates a watertight barrier to contain manhole structures and prevent inflow or overflow. The assembly has been tested to EJ Watertight Level 8 (L8), meaning it can withstand 3 1/2 atmospheres of pressure (51.45 psi), which is the equivalent of having approximately 118 ft of water on top of the manhole assembly.

DUOSEAL watertight access assembly cut away showing neoprene gasket and boltEJ watertight level 8 gauge at 51.45 psi

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty rated
  • Watertight (L8)
  • Closed pick bars
  • Dual 3/8" diameter round neoprene gaskets
  • Ductile iron cover with gray iron frame
  • Stainless steel bolting
  • Made in the USA


  • Special lettered covers
  • Custom logo covers
  • Security bolting

Size Available:

  • 24" clear opening (7" frame height)
  • 30" clear opening (4 1/2" frame height)

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