Municipal Castings / Industrial Parks


Council municipal roadways, streets, recreational reserves and industrial parks require manhole covers for access to their underground networks of sewer, stormwater, electricity, communications, fibre cable, water and gas. Access covers by EJ, previously known as Havestock, are available in a range of loading classifications as per the Australian Standard AS3996. Road gully grates are made to the local standards and our global EJ products like the Iguazu gully grate offers shire engineers new ideas for bicycle safe grates, trash screens and ductile lintels.

Past major projects include :
Brisbane Chinatown Mall Upgrade, Southbank Parklands, GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Gold Coast Cavill Mall, Toowwomba Mall, TradeCoast Industrial Park, M1 Brisbane to Gold Coast, Northern Busway, Inner City Bypass.

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