ERMATIC® Machined Modular Solution

 ERMATIC® Machined Modular Solution

Engineered for excessive loads and frequent need for access

The ERMATIC® custom modular multiple cover system is a highly engineered range of access covers designed for a wide variety of underground services. It is engineered to perform in tough environments where excessive loads and frequent need for access are par for the course. With every unique customer project/application, we design and build a specific product customized to fit any underground vault dimension or cover configuration. The covers and beams are removable, yielding a full clear opening. The ERMATIC range leverages the global engineering and design experience within EJ to enhance ergonomic design and security.

Modular Construction

The use of modular elements gives a vast range of custom sizes. Multiple frame elements (side frames and end plates) are assembled to provide linear openings for even the longest ducts. For clear openings wider than 47 3/16” (1200 mm), ERMATIC units use removable beams supported in wall boxes which are integral to the frames. This allows the construction of units to suit the largest openings.


ERMATIC custom modular system installed in city with covers open


Thanks to their modular design, ERMATIC modular systems are customizable products made to accommodate underground structures of almost any size or cover configuration! They are designed to accommodate extreme wheel loads (up to Airport Extra Heavy Duty) and are highly adaptable—covers fit larger openings and trenches of any length. Multiple features and options are available to facilitate safety and ergonomic concerns.

ERMATIC modular covers open

Ergonomics - Ease of Access

ERMATIC modular solutions keeps workers safe. They're designed for easy handling and feature ergonomically designed lift handles and optional assist lift covers. Removable I-beams provide unobstructed access to large clear openings.

ERMATIC custom modular solution installed

Ultimate Protection

The ERMATIC modular solution keeps underground structures secure. These solutions are quiet—precisely machined surfaces fit tightly together, reducing movement under traffic conditions and protecting against damage and debris or aggressive chemicals for underground vaults/trenches. Designers are also able to conceal underground services as the covers can be ordered with the options of concrete infill or pavers to allow blending with the surrounding groundwork.



  • Fully customizable based on product application
  • Standard sizes up to 10' x 17' (and larger)
  • Pedestrian to airport rated (or EN124 Standards – B125, C250, D400, E600, F900)
  • Continuous trench covers for any length or beamed multiple covers for large openings
  • Cover Options:
    • Wide range of cover sizes from 24” x 24” and larger
    • Lift assist hinged and spring loaded struts for assisted opening
    • Ergonomic lift handles
    • Safety grates: mesh walk on type is available with 2" x 2", 4" x 4", 6" x 6" openings or jail bar type (with customizable widths)
    • Safety railings
    • Solid cover with slip resistant tread
    • PREMARK® anti-skid coating
    • Recessed cover for concrete infill or brick pavers
    • Cover with removable inner hatch/cover
    • Watertight Level 1 (L1)
    • Security locking

    ERMATIC installed flush with surround

    Large Vault Solution

    Covers can be installed in high traffic areas for any size opening.

    ERMATIC modular system at airport

    Airports & Ports

    ERMATIC solutions are used at airports and ports for a variety of applications.

    ERMATIC cover system removable beams

    Removable I-Beams

    Removable I-beams make accessing large trenches easy.

    Project Applications

    • Sewerage: inspection pits for sludge chambers, access shafts for large plants, etc.
    • Telecommunications: cable jointing chambers, etc.
    • Utility: gas mains/water mains
    • Electrical: lighting, signals, transformer pits, cable joint boxes, etc.

    Project Environments

    • Airports and ports
    • Railways
    • Tunnels
    • Power stations
    • Water treatment and purification plants
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Exhibition centers, leisure parks, stadiums, and other public arenas

    The ERMATIC range of modular covers are manufactured in our Picardie, France foundry.

    ERMATIC 1-2-3 cover system

    1/2/3 Covers Unit

    ERMATIC continuous duct system

    Continuous Duct Cover

    ERMATIC cover system with removable i-beams

    ERMATIC with Removable I-Beams


    Installation, Operation, and Maintenance 

    Looking for information to assist you with installing or maintaining ERMATIC solutions? Read the full instructions here:


    Application Example Video of an EJ Custom Modular Solution (CT4B)

    ERMATIC Operation Demonstration Video


    ERMATIC Continuous Duct Covers Installation by EJ

    ERMATIC Beamed Unit Installation by EJ

    ERMATIC Opening and Closing by EJ


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