Hinged Trench Assembly

 Hinged Trench Assembly

Ergonomic drainage solution for supply lines and collection systems

The hinged trench assembly simplifies access for supply lines and collection systems. Available with hinged covers or grates, the system can be configured to any length of trench needed.

Safety and Security

An optional mechanical strut improves ergonomics by reducing the hinged_trench_sell_sheet_onepage_downloadlifting force to 35 lbs. or less for the entire range of motion—available for both cover and grate versions. The strut takes up less space in the clear opening than a traditional spring assist. It is fully self-contained, protecting coils from exposure to the elements. A patented self-engaging safety bar keeps the trench open and protects from unintended closure. Compatible with standard hex bolts or special security designs, the EON LOCK® design retains the nut when the cover is unbolted and allows the nut to be removed in the future should it need to be replaced.

Benefits of Top Flange Design in Concrete Applications

The top flange design with a wide flange, fully supported with concrete underneath, distributes heavy loads over a larger area, which reduces cracking and spalling of the surrounding concrete. Venting slots in the frame rail allow for air to escape during the pouring process, fully filling the voids with concrete for support and weight disbursement. This product is designed to work with concrete trench forming systems that improve the speed of installation. Using concrete, no liners are needed—eliminating combustible material in applications where fire suppression measures are needed.

Standard Featureshinged trench-line

  • Airport extra heavy duty
  • Top flange design
  • Rail vent slots
  • Self-engaging safety bar
  • Rebar holes in gussets
  • Bolt holes for connecting rails together


  • The covers offer optional cable cut outs* for electrical, telecommunications, and other supply lines to be temporarily exposed for use while the covers remain in the closed position.

*Cable Cut out, Cam Lock, and MPIC® Multi-tool Pick Bar are not available for grates.

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