SELFLEVEL® Access Assembly

 SELFLEVEL® Access Assembly

Engineered to keep manhole covers flush with the pavement

The SELFLEVEL® Access Assembly by EJ is engineered to keep manhole covers flush with the pavement—even in locations prone to frequent freeze-thaw cycles and frost heave.

The innovative two-frame system featured in the SELFLEVEL Access Assembly is based on, and works in sync with, the scientific principle of expansion and contraction. The lower guide frame keeps the assembly centered over the manhole. The unattached upper frame is free to move in tandem with any subsequent movement of the pavement. Since it matches the pitch in the pavement as it rises or sinks, the manhole cover and pavement remain in alignment despite harsh weather conditions. Although self-adjusting to changing road grades and keeping streets and sidewalks smooth is a feature that initially attracts interest in this product, the SELFLEVEL Access Assembly offers additional benefits.


  • Increased lifespan of surrounding pavement
  • Less wear-and-tear on manhole structures—traffic vibrations and shock are dispersed throughout the road surface rather than being funneled into the underground infrastructure
  • Easier installation—no more measuring to ensure the frame lines up with the existing curb line and shimming the cover to match the pitch of the road
  • Substantial savings over the life cycle of the pavement

Product Details

  • Available for asphalt or concrete installations
  • Appropriate for new installations or retrofits
  • Accommodates varying roadway slopes—pitch can be matched up to 5 degrees—and pavement depths
  • Exceeds AASHTO M306 and M105 standards

Range of Options:

Custom logos and special lettering, Environmental messaging, Infiltration resistant gasket for the cover, ERGO® SELFLEVEL


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